«I don’t want to be afraid of marriage. What I want is to one day be able to respond ‘Yes! I will marry you, I couldn’t live 100 years without you.'»

The ideal companion

What is love?

Everything is under control

The best decision


Production executive: UICASDE HopeMedia. Producer: Pablo Sánchez. Script: Aitor Hidalgo. Musical composition: Denis Boidi, Austin Mock, Zack Brenes. Guitars: Austin Mock. Mandolin: Zack Brenes. Piano and percussion: Denis Boidi. FX and Editing video: Carmen Hagiu. Continuity: Jeniffer Dreher. Video: Alex Welgraven, Matt Vasquez, Pollock Pictures. Voice over: Ivory Vogt. Designer graphic: Pablo Sánchez. Original idea: Silvia Tapia, Pablo Sánchez.